The Sun are today running an EXCLUSIVE which has pictures of Wayne Rooney, England captain, absolutely bladdered while in his England garb.


It’s easy to laugh, especially when the player is not someone who is connected with your club, but this sort of piece is indicative of our tabloid media culture and their warped priorities. They’d rather create faux outrage than drill down into matters that can inform the watching public.

Wayne Rooney has never been a choirboy.

That he should get hammered while contemplating the end of his footballing career after being constantly slated for a number of years now should be no surprise.

Sure, he probably shouldn’t have done it when in his England kit, but do we really think that would have made a difference to the Sun?

Alcohol, lest we forget, is completely legal. Rooney is over 18. He was in a hotel bar. Anyone who says Wayne Rooney is a role model for children obviously hasn’t been paying attention over the course of his career. Do we really think that revellers who saw him were actually ‘shocked’ as the Sun tell us they were? Entertained, yes. Shocked? Don’t be daft.

Wayne, we’re told, had ‘bloodshot eyes and red wine stained lips,’ before the ‘journalists,’ Jake Ryan and Amy Jones, describe his drunken antics which involved staggering and slumping on a sofa.

The animal!

While nowhere near as important as most of the bull that the tabloids have been printing, especially in 2016 which swayed so many elections through falsehood, this sort of ‘reporting’ is as much part of the problem. There is no substance, no story to this, and we should make active moves to say we no longer tolerate this sort of ‘reporting’ under the guise of ‘news’.

A spokesperson for Rooney issued this statement, “Wayne, along with the rest of the England squad, was on a night off duty.

“Rather than going out, he chose to stay at the team hotel to relax and celebrate a fine England victory against Scotland.

“During the course of the evening he was approached by numerous fellow guests for autographs and pictures.

“As he has always been, Wayne was happy to sign, pose for photos and chat with guests.

“It is sad that one or two of them have now sought to turn Wayne’s friendly good nature to their advantage.”

Rooney is a doubt for Arsenal’s game at Old Trafford this weekend with a hangover knee injury and, no matter what you think about his form, that’s a good thing. You know he likes nothing more than a goal and/or dive against us.

This story? This is not a good thing. The entire point of it is to stick the boot into a player when he’s at the lowest point of his career.

Like or loathe Rooney, that’s not something any of us should be condoning.