Monday was all about the fall-out from Arsenal’s 4-3 loss against Liverpool.

In a bid to ignore the fact that we’d lost a game, we threw together some players focus pieces on Alexis Sanchez not being a very good lone striker, Rob Holding showing glimmers of potential and Theo Walcott playing well on the wing. We also attempted to rate our players.

We reported on some pretty interesting stats. For example, Arsenal and Liverpool are terrible at penalties when we meet each other (or always, if you’re Arsenal); Xhaka’s debut for us wasn’t too great since he looked like Flamini in a Xhaka suit and apparently, we’re pretty vulnerable from outside the area.

Lee wrote about what we learnt against Liverpool and Matthew spoke about how quickly Wenger has to turn this all around.

Wenger claimed Xhaka isn’t ready; Cech claimed that Liverpool were more aggressive than Arsenal, which is how they won; Klopp claimed our penalty wasn’t a penalty (it was) and Thierry Henry claimed we can’t attract players anymore.

Annoyingly, it appears that both Ramsey and Iwobi are injured, with Ramsey said to be out for a month, according to the Telegraph.