The season might be new, but the Arsenal story, alas, is not.

We looked good, and then we looked awful before falling apart and fighting back but not able to claw back the difference. If it sounds familiar, it should because we’ve watched it time and time again.

Winning just one of the last seven opening day fixtures, this was a bruising defeat.

So what did we learn?

The time of the first Arsenal induced heart-attack

24 minutes was all we had to wait before the Arsenal defence gave us our first collective heart attack of the season. Here’s to surviving many, many more.

Firmino and Moreno rose the stakes in Ramsey’s hair poker

There are some things in football that you can get away with if you’re good enough. Alberto Moreno and Robert Firmino are not good enough to have hair like that.

Arsenal don’t deserve penalties

Be it Mesut Ozil, Santi Cazorla or Theo Walcott, it seems like Arsenal are not aware that these are something you are able to practice. Then again, given that Arsenal hardly ever get penalties in the first place, they probably think it’s not worth the bother.

Liverpool probably shouldn’t get them when they play us either

Theo Walcott is so confusing

People still like to score worldies against us

Yes, we can argue until we’re exhausted about the foul that was given as the first half came to a close, but there can be no argument that Philippe Countinho’s free-kick was just perfect.

I suppose you shouldn’t really complain when a player scores a goal against you that you can do nothing about, but it’s boring how many of these people manage them against us.

Coutinho isn’t actually very good at freekicks

You always get goals when these two play

Maybe the British core isn’t so rotten after all

I had to resort to tweets for the last few, because, quite frankly, who really learned anything after that game?

We all knew what would happen because we’ve watched it on repeat for years.

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