It probably won’t surprise you to know that there has been more penalties missed in clashes between Liverpool and Arsenal than any other fixture.

According to Orbinho, there have been seven penalties missed in total between the two teams whenever we meet since the Premier League began. This is more than any other pairing. Fantastic… just fantastic.

Theo Walcott missed a penalty in the first half against Liverpool, denying Arsenal the chance to go 1-0 ahead. It was a bad penalty, which he kicked more or less straight at Simon Mignolet. However, thanks to a decent challenge by Francis Coquelin, the forward managed to slot in a beautiful goal just over a minute later #MentalStrength.

Saying this, isn’t missing the penalty in the first place down to our lack of said mental strength? It’s not just Theo, we’re all terrible at pens. Granit Xhaka had only just signed for us when he managed to miss one for Switzerland in the Euros. And all Mesut Ozil has to do is look at a penalty and it lands in row-Z.

Sort it out, lads.

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