Arsenal legend, Lauren, has slated Olivier Giroud, claiming that the striker lacks the X-Factor. Oh and apparently we don’t need Mahrez either.

Speaking recently, the defender claimed that although he does believe the Frenchman is decent enough, scoring goals and being a world class striker is about more than that…

“Don’t get me wrong. I respect Olivier Giroud and he has an important part to play next season through the goals he does score,” he said.

“But you need people with ‘charisma’. It’s more than about scoring goals, you need a striker with the X-factor… with charisma. And despite being a fantastic player Giroud doesn’t have that.”

I think I get what Lauren is trying to say. At times, Oli does lack that cutting edge and when he goes through dry spells BOY does he go through dry spells…but I don’t agree that world class players have to have charisma. Just look at Lionel Messi; in my opinion, he’s one of the least charismatic players out there but his football (usually) does the talking and that’s why people idolise him the world over.

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Something else interesting that Lauren brought up was that he doesn’t believe Arsenal need Riyad Mahrez.

“He is a very good player, but how many similar players in terms of technically proficient, creative midfielders and wide men do Arsenal have already?” Lauren said.

“They have Mesut Ozil, they have Jack Wilshere, they have Aaron Ramsey, they have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, they have Theo Walcott – Arsenal don’t need Mahrez.

“Arsenal have always had dynamic players – but they need to change that style a little bit, maybe be a little more direct, with more aggressiveness, and determination – which means players with a different style than Mahrez can offer.”

Comparing the Ox and Theo to Mahrez is a little silly, in my opinion. Mahrez is sharp right now whereas the other two are injury-prone and lacking in confidence. Although I’d agree that we don’t need Mahrez – unlike a striker for example – he would be a good signing.