Here’s a look at what happened in the Goonerverse on Tuesday.

We looked back over Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey’s individual highlights for England and Wales. Jack was rusty; Ramsey was amazing. Our favourite Welshman even gave an interview after the game about proving points and being proud.

Mesut Ozil explained why he basically loves London almost as much as we love him.

Wenger talked up Paul Pogba, Mats Hummels cried because Arsenal didn’t want him (so he doesn’t actually cry out loud but I’m sure he did inside); and Heskey weighs in on Vardy-Gate.

As far as gossip goes, Besiktas are whining because we want actual money for Ospina, the Italian press are convinced we want Lukaku was about a fiver, and Newcastle was Hayden. Also, somewhat annoyingly, Morata finally signed back to Real Madrid. Bummer.

In the Euros, Mesut Ozil was brilliant for Germany while Woj missed out for Poland because of injury. Both countries progressed.

Bellerin missed out for Spain, which was probably a good thing as Croatia beat them 2-1 and Cech’s had better days, the Czech Republic lost 2-0 to Turkey.