According to recent reports, Alexis Sanchez isn’t enjoying life in north London quite as much as he once was but is he really off in the summer?

If Football365 is to be believed, the Chilean is ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘frustrated’ with the Gunners’ lack of ambition. Numerous reports have been doing the rounds that the forward has one eye on the exit after he allegedly stormed out of the stadium when he was subbed off against Norwich. Although he was seen sulkily wandering off town the tunnel, it remains to be confirmed or denied whether he actually left the Emirates.

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(PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Whether the claims are true or not, there was definitely something off about his body language against Manchester City, although, as a fan, that might just be me projecting. He scored a fantastic goal but he seemed far from happy.

Hopefully, reports that things are ‘frosty’ between him and Arsene Wenger are untrue or, at the very least, they can shake hands and sort it out because we need him at Arsenal.