Arsenal have pulled off a Halloween miracle and managed to get the FA to overturn the three-game ban given to Gabriel on the back of his farcical red card at the weekend against Chelsea.

While the centreback will now be free to play against Tottenham in the league cup, the decision does add to the bitterness we are all feeling – not only did Diego Costa not get sent off but we now have it confirmed that Mike Dean sent off the Arsenal man incorrectly, giving the Gunners a massive ‘up yours’ as he did it.

The statement on the FA’s website said

Arsenal’s claim of wrongful dismissal in relation to Gabriel has been upheld following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing.

The player’s three-match suspension has, therefore, been withdrawn with immediate effect.

Gabriel was dismissed for violent conduct during the game against Chelsea on Saturday [19 September 2015].

The player is currently subject to a separate FA charge of improper conduct in relation to Saturday’s game and has until 6pm on Thursday [24 September 2015] to reply.

The decision to charge Gabriel with ‘improper conduct’ now seems even more laughable, as does the decision to not demote Mike Dean. Here we have the FA stating that the referee got two major decisions wrong which completely changed the outcome of the game but he faces no sanctions whatsoever.

Also, if you’ve been sent off incorrectly, you should not then be charged with improper conduct for being annoyed about it.

It was farcical then and it continues to be farcical now.

In case you missed it earlier, here is how Arsenal managed to get the ban overturned.