Arsenal have asked ESPN-Brasil for permission to use the station’s images of the incident which saw Gabriel sent off against Chelsea on Saturday.

The cameras from ESPN-Brasil picked up the clearest view of the ‘kick’ that Gabriel was sent off for at Stamford Bridge and Joao Castelo-Branco, an English correspondent for ESPN-Brasil, has told Twitter that Arsenal have asked to use these images in their case against Gabriel’s ban.

With the use of some common sense and help from Google translate (one can’t help translate a foreign language without the other):

“Arsenal just requested the images caught at Stamford Bridge to use in appealing the sending off of Gabriel.”

“The images that I will give Arsenal are not against Diego Costa but against the decision. It shows only the kick of Gabriel…”

“…and Arsenal will argue he did not deserve to a direct red card with a three-game suspension. I’m just sending the shot of Gabriel’s sending off.”

We assume the angle he’s talking about is the one seen here, which seems to be the clearest view of the incident that anyone has.

You’d have to say that, looking at that clip, it would be extremely harsh if the defender did have to serve a three-game ban.