Arsenal are having their best run of form since 2005 and are seeing their best run of fitness per the recent Injury League table.

30th March saw the first mid-season period in several years where all Arsenal players were out of the treatment room and training together.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain suffered a hamstring injury during the FA Cup match against Manchester United on 9th March, and has been the only steady player on the injury list recently. He is now due to return on 4th May, however, Arsenal have had no more than two or three players per week listed since 30th March.

Since that time, Danny Welbeck (knee), Wojciech Szczęsny (ribs), Laurent Koscielny (groin), and most recently Per Mertesacker (ankle) have only had brief, one-week spells on the list.

This recent surge of fitness has resulted in adding only eight points to their Injury League total so far – the amount of man-weeks a team have accumulated from players listed on the PhysioRoom Injury Table. In stark comparison, Everton added 23 and Manchester United 15 points apiece for the same time period. This allowed Arsenal to drop from second to fourth place this week.

Chelsea, who are at the very bottom of the Injury League table, continue to keep their physio room fairly empty. Jose Mourinho has still only used 22 players with little-to-no rotation, presumably the cause for their lackluster performances recently. A trend that hopefully continues through this weekend when they come to the Emirates on Sunday.

This is Arsenal’s lowest position in the Injury League since it’s inception five seasons ago. Arsenal are surely turning the corner on injuries as this would seem to indicate.

Could the the revised training regimen brought in by Shad Forsythe be the reason?

Injury League Table for 22 Apr 15
Injury League Table – Last Updated 22nd Apr 2015