Some things in life are a perfect match.

Arsene Wenger has revolutionised Arsenal since his arrival in 1996, building the club up, winning titles and expanding the reach of Arsenal.

But would he make a good virtual manager? Would his skills transfer across to the virtual world? That was the question we were asked by Top Eleven: Could Wenger do it in the virtual world the way he has in the real?

Would he succeed?


At Arsenal, Wenger has achieved more than can be measured by trophies. Arsenal are on the brink of becoming a ‘super club’ which can truly break the bank when necessary. State-of-the-art facilities as far as the eye can see are already in place, and plans are afoot to make them even better as they undergo another revamp of London Colney.

So, it stands to reason that inside a game where you are responsible for every aspect of the club, like Top Eleven, Wenger would excel. Build a stadium? Check. Build training facilities? Check. Savvy use of an ever-changing transfer market? Run training? Deal with finances? Check. Check. Check.

The more we looked at the world’s most played online football management game, the more we started to ask questions. Everything the Arsenal man has done at the club since he arrived is part of the game. Jose Mourinho may be the face of Top Eleven, but if it was not designed for Wenger it almost seems as if it was designed by him.

Want to develop a youth policy and train them to your exacting standards? Want to make sure your stadium can be expanded when demand outstrips supply because of your on-the-pitch success? Are we talking Top Eleven or Arsenal under Wenger? It is hard to know the difference at times.


Pressing, containing, controlling. Wenger has built teams capable of every facet required in football. In a world where he has total free reign over tactics, transfers, and the future of the club, he could achieve anything. Again, it is hard to know where real-life Wenger stops and the game begins.

Wenger’s very own Arsenal model is the perfect one for how to build a big club on Top Eleven. Who better to see that through than the Frenchman himself?

Top Eleven is about more than just building a team, it is about building a club and Arsene Wenger would create one hell of a club. Again.

Given that he is not a big fan of delegation, he would be a perfect virtual manager and probably would not find it much different from his life as a real one.

He could probably even do better than the game’s cover star – just like real life, really.

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