Almost two years after the transfer saga of the decade – nay – the century, Luis Suarez’s agent has spoken out about the confusion surrounding the potential transfer.

The somewhat baffling potential transfer of then-Liverpool player Suarez to Arsenal in 2013, in which the Merseyside club was offered the rumoured sum of £40,000,001 for the Uruguayan, was made even more bizarre by the events that unraveled after the offer.

It was reportedly believed that any offer above £40m was supposed to release a clause in the player’s contract – a fact which appears to actually have been true as confirmed by the Liverpool owener.

The forward’s agent revealed, “This was my most uncomfortable time with Luis. Especially for me and our relationship.”

He went on to describe how the ‘confusing‘ events led to a strained and ‘uncomfortable‘ relationship between him and his client.

“Because of the confusion, because of what we’d already agreed with the club, because situations change and force you to do things that make you uncomfortable. It was complicated, and Luis had to train separately from the team. Everything was played out in the press.”

The level of miscommunication between not only the club and Suarez, but also his agent is somewhat shocking and incredibly strange.

When it comes to contracts, it’s worrying that the players have such a lack of understanding about what they’re actually signing. Not only this, but clubs refusing to stand by clauses which they agree to is disturbing and Arsenal could have quite easily made a massive deal of this issue, as could the player.

Hopefully all players learn from this and hire the required parties to ensure they fully understand their contracts.