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Premier League to deploy anti-racism footballs

The Premier League will introduce specially-designed footballs to be used over the next two weeks as they hope to show their commitment to fighting racism with some more trinkets.

Stan Collymore names the two Premier League clubs who couldn't be further apart

Stan Collymore believes Arsenal will struggle to get anywhere close to Manchester City by Christmas, let alone at the end of the season.

Stan Collymore names the four Premier League clubs expected to be in title race...

Stan Collymore thinks the weekend's results could spark a battle at the top of the table between Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Former Liverpool striker says Arsene Wenger would have been a success at this club

Stan Collymore thinks that Arsène Wenger would have been successful at Manchester United, if he'd joined the club back in 2002.

Former Liverpool striker labels Alexis Sanchez a disgrace

Stan Collymore, of all people, has labeled Alexis Sanchez a disgrace.

Collymore: Kane dived to win Tottenham’s penalty against Arsenal

Stan Collymore agrees that Harry Kane dived to get Tottenham's penalty against Arsenal on Sunday afternoon.

Former Liverpool man: This could leave Wenger’s reputation shredded to bits

Stan Collymore had some choice words for Arsene Wenger in his column for the Sunday Mirror.