Stan Collymore had some choice words for Arsene Wenger in his column for the Sunday Mirror.

The former Liverpool man not only claimed that our lack of transfer activity so far shows that our boss is less hungry than the likes of Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte, but that, if we fail to finish in the top four next season, it’ll ruin Wenger’s reputation.

“Nor Arsene Wenger and if I was an Arsenal fan going into this season of the super managers then the one question I’d be ­asking is: Does our boss have the same hunger as the rest of those guys?” Collymore wrote.

“The answer would have to be ‘No’.

“That would worry me if I was a Gooner and, while I still believe that Wenger’s team could be right in the top-four mix, I only think that will ­happen if they sign a boss central ­defender and/or a boss ­central ­striker, otherwise they could just as easily miss out.

“That, for a team which relies on finishing in the Champions League spots season in, ­season out, would be a disaster.

“It would also, I’m sorry to say, leave Wenger’s reputation shredded to bits.”

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Apart from being poorly written and a little bit dramatic, Collymore does actually have a point. Although I don’t believe Wenger’s reputation would be ‘shredded to bits’ if we fail to get top four next season, I do think it would take a huge hit. It could be his last season in charge and it would be a shame if it was his ‘worst’.

Collymore is right about another thing: as a Gooner, I am worried about our lack of signings so far.

All we can do is trust the boss – he must have something up his sleeve.