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Daily Mail back page, 13/4/21 Premier League social media boycott

Arsenal to join social media blackout

Arsenal will join a social media blackout this weekend as clubs look to force the various platforms to do something substantial about abuse online.

Premier League to deploy anti-racism footballs

The Premier League will introduce specially-designed footballs to be used over the next two weeks as they hope to show their commitment to fighting racism with some more trinkets.

Why Arsenal banning abusive tweeters is a good thing

Arsenal have started to ban fans who are abusive on twitter, news that will be welcomed by many and feared by many, as well as idiotic fans, who won't be able to insult others at will as they are used to.

Ivan Gazidis kicks off Kick It Out conference at Emirates

'Raise your Game', part of the Kick It Out organisation's campaign to rid football of racism and discrimination, opened at the Emirates on Tuesday. Kick...