Arsenal have started to ban fans who are abusive on twitter, news that will be welcomed by many and feared by many, as well as idiotic fans, who won’t be able to insult others at will as they are used to.

As revealed in the Sun on Saturday, the Arsenal have decided to ban fans in conjunction with the Kick It Out organisation, helping to track football related discrimination on social media.

This is a superb news, as we all know social media tends to bring the worst side of the fans into light and all those horrible fans tend to come out of the woodwork and reveal themselves.

There are many abusive Arsenal fans, as seen by the answers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to any post and it is an important step to have those people removed from the Emirates Stadium.

You do wonder how many will get banned considering the high number of offenders around – how can they be properly identified? I mean, many people are hiding their identity online and unless they are clearly recognisable, I don’t see how the Arsenal will be able to ban someone unless they are 100% sure they have the right individual targeted.

You would also hope abusive fans at the ground will also be kicked out and their membership removed, the same as for the online abusive fans.

The only problem about it is they can only prevent fans from buying tickets, so they will still be able to post their bitter poison about Arsene Wenger or the players or the club. I don’t think many of the those fans will be hurt by a ticket ban but it is better than nothing.