Barcelona are set to reveal their new white away kit for the 2023/24 season in their friendly match against Arsenal.

The white shirt, traditionally linked with rivals Real Madrid, is steeped in controversy but also recalls Barça’s rich history.

Barcelona's white shirt for the 23/24 season
Barcelona’s white shirt for the 23/24 season
  • Barça are set to debut their new white kit in the season opener against Arsenal, marking a significant departure from their traditional colours.
  • The white shirt, while sparking controversy due to its association with Real Madrid, also pays homage to Barcelona’s history, particularly with legendary player Johan Cruyff.
  • Despite initial criticism, Barça believes the white shirt will be a commercial success, symbolising iconic players like Cruyff and Kubala.

Barcelona will be revealing their new white kit in their upcoming match against Arsenal.

The decision to introduce a white kit has not been without controversy. This significant break from tradition is already causing a stir among fans and football enthusiasts alike.

As many have noted, white is traditionally associated with Barcelona’s rivals, Real Madrid.

This bold move by the Catalans has thus drawn mixed reactions from various sectors of the Barcelona community.

Despite the controversy, the white shirt is not entirely a departure from their history.

The white shirt holds historical significance for Barcelona, being associated legendary player Johan Cruyff. The Dutch maestro was one of the last players to don the white shirt in a UEFA Cup tie in the 1977-78 season against Aston Villa.

Cruyff, en el Aston Villa-Barça de la Copa de la UEFA 1977-78 | ARCHIVO
Cruyff, en el Aston Villa-Barça de la Copa de la UEFA 1977-78 | ARCHIVO

Indeed, in the mid-20th century, it was common for Barcelona to play in white in Europe, particularly during the forties, fifties, and sixties.

In 1952, they clinched the Latin Cup clad in white, a colour then widely adopted when there was a clash with the opponent’s colours.

Despite the initial criticisms, Barcelona remain convinced of the commercial success of the white kit.

The club believes the shirt’s association with emblematic players like Cruyff and Kubala will contribute to its popularity.

The last time the Barça shirt was white was during the quarterfinals of the Cup Winners’ Cup in the 1978/79 season, in a match against Ipswich Town.

Now, almost five decades later, Barcelona’s white shirt is making a comeback for the 23/24 season.