Mikel Arteta has enlisted a stress relief dog named ‘Win’ to help Arsenal players deal with stress and boost team spirit.

Mikel Arteta talking to the Arsenal team (Photo via Arsenal.com)
Mikel Arteta talking to the Arsenal team (Photo via Arsenal.com)
  • Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has introduced a therapy dog, named ‘Win’, to the club’s training ground to manage players’ stress levels.
  • Arteta believes the dog will improve mood, reduce stress and boost togetherness within the team.
  • Win is the latest in a series of unconventional methods employed by Arteta to get the best out of his squad.

Following a stressful season, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has adopted a unique method to bolster team spirit and alleviate stress: he has introduced a therapy dog to the club’s training grounds.

The chocolate Labrador, affectionately named ‘Win’, has a significant job at hand – enhancing the mood and reducing stress among the Gunners.

Known for his creative approach to management, Arteta has previously tried out unconventional strategies like playing the song ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at training and illustrating teamwork through the metaphor of a lightbulb needing a power connection. ‘Win’ is the latest addition to his motivational toolkit.

While it may seem unconventional to have a dog at a Premier League training ground, the rationale behind it is grounded in research. Petting a dog can be calming and mood-boosting, as Arteta found in his study on animals.

It is hoped that the presence of ‘Win’ will contribute to a friendly and relaxed environment that aids the players in dealing with the pressures of the game.

The decision comes at a critical juncture for the team. Despite coming close to winning the Premier League this season, their title hopes were dashed following a 3-0 home defeat to Brighton last weekend. It’s a crucial time for the team to regroup and refocus their efforts, making ‘Win’s role all the more essential.

Arteta firmly believes in fostering a connected team to succeed, much like a lightbulb’s reliance on a power source. ‘Win’ will be a part of this connection, enhancing camaraderie, and thus improving overall performance. And luckily, ‘Win’ has been welcomed by the club’s resident cat, Bob.

Overall, the introduction of ‘Win’ is a heartwarming and innovative approach to enhancing team spirit at Arsenal. It symbolises Arteta’s commitment to nurturing a supportive, connected, and stress-free environment for his players.

With ‘Win’ at their side, the Gunners will look to take on the future challenges head-on, possibly redefining stress management strategies in sports.