The internet has undoubtedly changed the way our lives unfold. The internet is a crucial highlight of modern life, and with the advance of technology, we can now do things that our parents or grandparents could only dream about.

Just think about electric cars, smartphones, robot vacuum cleaners, or VR headsets and how amazing all these things are. You couldn’t imagine your life without a smartphone, that is for sure, and billions of people in the world think the same.

The truth is that technology is now a vital part of our day-to-day lives; we work using advanced technology, pay with a contactless card, or use the smartphone to upload a photo on a social network.

Besides the internet, another technology is taking over the world in a good way. We are referring to artificial intelligence, AI, or robots as some may like to call it.

Artificial Intelligence includes numerous different technologies, and one of its most important subdivisions is machine learning, which is widely used in many domains, including entertainment.

Football gambling and online gambling, in general, make use of machine learning in almost all the services they provide. If you want to discover more about what is machine learning and how it works in football gambling, we’ve got some valuable insight for you:

What is precisely machine learning?

Machine learning is closely related to artificial intelligence and is a vital part of this field. Simply put, machine learning refers to a computer that is able to solve problems, identify specific patterns, and make decisions based on those patterns in a way similar to humans.

Machine learning tries to imitate how humans solve different problems, making it easier for them and significantly less time-consuming.

To better understand how machine learning or ML works, think about the basic steps we take as humans to solve a simple problem. Let’s say you want to find out how many grams 25,7 kilograms have. We know that a kilogram is 1000x bigger than 1 gram, so we would have to multiply the number by 1000 to find out that 25,7 kilograms are, in fact, 25700 grams.

Well, that is precisely what any ML system can do. It can receive different types of information and patterns, recognize them, and afterward apply specific rules and solutions to solve them based on how it has been programmed.

Nowadays, ML is used for things that are way more complicated than simple math equations, yet it all started with simple patterns and commands.

How is machine learning used for online gambling?

When players examine new casinos, machine learning is widely used for a variety of purposes:

Cheating prevention

Cheating has always been a problem in the entire history of gambling. Over the years, people have discovered smaller or bigger ways to cheat at casino games, from card counting to using portable computers. That is no longer the case with online gambling, as machine learning systems are in place to identify and stop suspicious behaviors such as cheating.

A spokesperson from Casino Alpha IE stated that over 60% of UK-active online casinos use machine learning to recognise and prevent fraud.

Prevent scams and fraud

Machine learning can be programmed to observe users’ behavior and intervene if any suspicions of fraud arise. That is how online gambling platforms contribute to the prevention of money laundering schemes and other types of scams or fraud.

Marketing campaigns

ML is an excellent tool for marketing purposes. It can identify patterns in any user behavior, significantly aiding in offering tailored promotions and rewards for players. For example, if one user enjoys live football betting, they won’t receive a promotion for slots. Instead, they can receive a no-deposit bonus for sports betting or other related offers.

Customer support aid

Many customer support systems already benefit from machine learning when it comes to helping players solve their problems as quickly as possible. ML systems can help identify a player’s problem, categorize it, and send it to a team member for a solution. In some cases, for frequent customer support questions, ML can offer basic troubleshooting steps or solutions.

Facial recognition

Registration processes for online gambling platforms often require an ID photo and a selfie to confirm your identity. Machine learning ensures that the person in the ID photo is the same as the person in the selfie. That way, gambling platforms prevent underage gambling or the registration of those not allowed to use their services.

Conclusive thoughts

Legitimate new casinos and gambling platforms rely heavily on machine learning to function correctly and give customers the safest experience possible. Features like cheating prevention or fraud prevention are non-negotiable for any reputable online gambling platform. In contrast, features targeting customer support or marketing campaigns are not mandatory, yet they contribute significantly to a platform’s success.