The ultimate goal of every punter is to make a killing from gambling. This is not always the case, as losing money is a result many can expect from gambling. The dream to make money may also be problematic as it can result in addiction.

The current state of football betting

Thanks to the evolution of betting and gambling, bookies now have numerous football betting markets that can result in substantial winnings.

Bettors can inspect for betting options from online casinos, bookies, and other sites offering football betting services. Most punters who have raked in lots of cash in the past have done it via accumulator bets. These bets are placed on several different selections in one bet; they all need to be successful to win.

Along the most significant football betting winnings, there are the following cases:

  • The 2001 Winner Who Ran up a 500k Win

In 2001, an English punter recorded a win that went into the history books. This is after he walked away with a handsome reward of £500,000 from a mere stake of only 0.30p.

The punter had placed an odd accumulator, set at 1.6 million to one. The accumulator was a fifteen-fold device, and it included various selections from the top football leagues, including English Football and the Champions League.

The punter was also smart and seemed to master his craft as a cross-sport acca player. This is because there were not only football selections but also cricket and rugby union selections.

To think that one would cash in a total of half a million pounds in 2001 from a mere stake of 0.30p is just incredible and shows that it is possible to bet small and earn big at the end of the day.

  • The £200,000 Won in the 2015/16 Season

In football, there are always teams with a high likelihood of winning. This wasn’t the case for Leicester City, as no one would imagine the team being crowned the England Premier League champions in the 2015/16 season.

It, however, turns out that luck and fate were on their side as they put on a spirited fight to become the ultimate EPL champions.

Of course, this went sideways for many punters who bet on the obvious but not for one who cashed in.

The punter had some foresight and backed the generous preseason odds on the underdogs, Leicester City, winning the much coveted Premier League title that season. This led to a massive win of £200,000, which became one of the biggest.

  • The £72,000 Cash Out

Numerous bookies give their punters the option of cashing out. It means you can cancel your bet as the game progresses and still receive some money if it works in your favor.

For instance, if Chelsea and Arsenal are playing and you have placed a bet on Chelsea winning, you can quickly cash out the moment Chelsea scores. You may receive a partial reward you would have gotten at the end of the game, but you will undoubtedly receive some cash.

This was the case for a punter back in the 2015/16 English Premier League. They had placed a £50 football stake in favor of Leicester City winning the EPL.

They, however, developed other thoughts and decided to cash out in early March. The result was a handsome reward of £72,000, which was also good money considering the initial stake was £50.

However, if the punter were a little patient and trusted fate, they would have acquired a handsome reward of over £250k.

  • The £272,000 Football Accumulator

Football bet accumulators have, in the past, resulted in massive winnings. This was the case for an English punter who placed a mere £2.50 bet in a nine-fold accumulator and collected a whooping £272,000.

This happened in 2011, and the punters’ selections from the 9-fold accumulator were mainly underdogs from leagues and cup matches.

The bet progressed well and was down to a heated Copa del Rey match between Atletico Bilbao and Barcelona. Barcelona led the league, and they were almost sure they would win. However, 5 minutes to the end of the match, Atletico Bilbao equalized, successfully completing the bet for the lucky punter.

Football betting can be profitable

The football industry brings a lot of opportunities for both teams and football fans. With an industry worth billions of dollars, this sport keeps generating profits for all parties involved.