Beth Mead has partnered with Camden Town Brewery and they have honoured her with a limited-edition beer called ‘Goalden Mead Honey Wheat Ale’.

Goalden Mead by Camden Town Brewery
Goalden Mead by Camden Town Brewery

Beth Mead, Golden Boot Winner at the Euros this summer, said: “The Camden team have been so supportive, particularly over the past few months, and I’m thrilled to be working with them on some of their upcoming activity.

“I’m a fan of the beer and having my own name on a can for Goalden Mead was pretty surreal for sure.”

Holly Gibson, Head of Brand Activations & Experiences, said: “We are so excited here at Camden to announce the continuation of our Beth collab. Myself and the beer team are Arsenal obsessed, so we have loved watching Beth and the team this Summer.

“Seeing the impact this has had on Women’s football since is absolutely incredible. We want to see Arsenal Women playing at Emirates Stadium more so we hope to play a part in not only getting fans to the stadium but also creating an awesome atmosphere for those who join us!”

Arsenal themselves announced a partnership with the brewery in 2019 and it’s no surprise to see them ally with the club so closely. Camden Brewery was set up in 2010 by lifelong Arsenal fan, Jasper Cuppaidge, who is absolutely delighted to see the club support his company in this way.

Cuppaidge, said then: “If you’d have told me 10 years ago that the beer I was creating in my basement in North London would one day be the beer of Arsenal Football Club – the club I love – I would have thought you were crazy, but I would have loved the idea of it!

“The partnership with Arsenal marks a huge moment both for me and for the entire team at Camden Town Brewery and we can’t wait to share our great beers and a better beer experience with all of the supporters like myself.”