More people play slots than any other casino game out there, and this trend continues in the online space. As such, you can expect a plethora of different slot games all over the place on various online casino platforms. Games from regular arcade slots to Koi Gate play similarly and yet with small differences.

The games are simple enough – you don’t need some complex guide to starting. That being said, some general tips and tricks can be quite useful for better enjoyment, higher returns, or more streamlined gameplay. They can be applied to any slot game, although some are more complex than that.

Choosing the Game

Any relevant online casino will offer dozens or hundreds of slots for all tastes. A beginner, or just a fed-up user, may find it hard to select a good game that fits their needs. So, the choice depends largely on your needs, even if there is some general advice.

For instance, a good tip is to go by popular. Different slot games vary widely based on aesthetics, game sense, and such. However, they are still similar enough. In short, popularity is often a good enough indicator of a good game. It can be worse by some, but it’s playable and enjoyable enough.

The other good indicator is simplicity. It’s better to go by simple because complex games often add more nuance without actually adding depth, which isn’t a good thing.

Technical Qualities & Aesthetic

That’s also a matter of selecting a slot game to play. 

Aesthetics aren’t as important. You can easily find a game that pleases the eye and fits your interests, but it’s better done via browser search and by keywords. It’s not as important, however. The aesthetics are meant to give your game a colorful look and make it visually pleasing and passionate.

The technical qualities are much more important. They include the number of vertical and horizontal rows, the number of pay lines (winning combinations), and imagery depicted on the slots. There are no good options in this regard, but if you don’t know what to pick, you should probably go by simple and then work from there.

Making Bets

To make a bet, you specify how much money you want to bet on your spins and, well, make a spin. Remember that you’ll likely have many consecutive spins in a row, which means you need to set a specific size for several upcoming bets. This way, you’ll be able to just keep on spinning in rapid succession.

Betting on small amounts is also a way to go. After all, people don’t go to slots to make a few big bets and then leave. The rounds last mere moments, and it’s really not viable to burn through several heavy parcels of cash unless you have a lot of money that you can just keep on spending.

Small bets mean small returns, but it’s more about enjoyment from wins. And enjoyment from wins is all that really matters because you won’t gain much money from slots anyhow.