Arsenal have avoided fines for sell-on clauses in the contracts of Chuba Akpom and Joel Campbell, following an appeal to CAS.

Joel Campbell photo Latino News October Copyright: Alonso Tenorio
Joel Campbell photo Latino News October Copyright: Alonso Tenorio

When Arsenal sold Chuba Akpom and Joel Campbell, they included sell-on clauses in both of the deals. They would receive 30% of Akpom’s future transfer fee and 25% of Campbell’s, with an exception.

If Akpom and Campbell were sold to UK clubs, the sell-on percentage would increase to 40% and 30% respectively. With Akpom, that’s actually what ended up happening, as he joined Middlesbrough.

Initially, FIFA ruled that these clauses gave Arsenal a third-party influence over the future sales of Akpom and Campbell, given PAOK and Frosinone were dissuaded from selling to the UK.

However, The Athletic report that Arsenal successfully appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against that ruling.

Arsenal had been fined around £31,000 and given a warning, but this fine was overturned and FIFA were ordered to pay Arsenal £3,000 to cover the expenses for the legal proceedings.

More importantly, the decision sets a precedent that Arsenal weren’t actually in the wrong with these clauses. That was fairly evident already, given the existence of the clause didn’t stop PAOK selling Akpom to an English club.

Arsenal made an extra £1.1m when Akpom made that move, and you’d imagine they’re likely to continue inserting sell-on clauses whenever they can.