Arsenal’s Benjamin White has informed the world he doesn’t watch football, doesn’t know much about Patrick Vieira and he’d prefer it if people called him Benjamin, which absolutely nobody decided to pay attention to.

Ben White (via Arsenal)
Ben White (via Arsenal)

Yes, it’s all about the Benjamins.

Ben White, who is known as Ben but informed reporters he may not answer to Ben as his name is Benjamin, gave an interview ahead of Arsenal’s game against Patrick Vieira’s Crystal Palace.

Vieira is, of course, an Arsenal legend.

Ben/jamin is not an Arsenal fan.

He was also only seven-years-old when Vieira left Arsenal.

“No I never watched football when I was younger, still don’t now,” he told Sky Sports.

“I just loved the game, I was always playing it – never watching it. So I don’t know too much about older generations.

“I know [Vieira] was a very good player. But I wouldn’t know the details.

“I’m quite busy, I’m always doing something. I watch myself for analytical reasons. I watch England, maybe. I just wouldn’t just sit down and watch a game.

“It’s so intense, you come in every day and give 100 per cent,” he added. “All I want to do is go home and not think about it.

“Come in fresh and ready to give 100 per cent again.”

That should be understandable to most people who, when the end of their shift comes around, clock off, go home, and don’t think about work until the next day.

It might seem odd because White is a footballer, but how often have we discussed that football is also a ‘job’.

And, when it comes to his name, Benjamin added,  “You can call me whatever you want, I just might not reply.

“But my name is actually Benjamin.”