Willian has said it’s ‘great coming home’ after he signed for Corinthians following his contract termination with Arsenal.

Willian embraces his father after returning home
Willian embraces his father after returning home

Sharing a tearful embrace with his father after touching down in Brazil, Willian, like Arsenal fans, seems relieved that his year with the club is over.


While we have spoke at length about Willian’s poor performances for Arsenal, we should take a minute to praise his professionalism here.

It would have been easy for him to sit on the bench or in the stands and collect his substantial Arsenal wages for another two years without doing much. Willian could have demanded that Arsenal pay him a large chunk of his contract to leave.

He did none of those things, and, while I don’t think he walked away with nothing, he made it easier than many other players would have.

Look at Sead Kolasinac, for example, and he only has one year left.

“It’s been great coming home,” he told Corinthians TV. “My first day, seeing some friends, people from the club who have been working here since I left, seeing my new teammates. be on the field training with them.”

Willian also spoke to ESPN in Brazil.

“To make this decision, we have to think about everything, about the whole situation,” he said. “But when I saw that it was only Corinthians. Some clubs tried to cross, but I said ‘no, it’s just Corinthians.

“I want to thank the president, the entire board for all the effort to get me back, the players, all the fans. A person who dreamed of my return, my mother, unfortunately, is not among us. Thanking my family, my wife, my father, my daughters, everyone who is here rooting for me. I can’t wait to start playing.”

Despite being a Chelsea player for most of his career, I always quite liked Willian.

Funny how it took him leaving Arsenal for me to remember that.

Mercado Bitcoin becomes new sponsor of Corinthians

Mercado Bitcoin
Mercado Bitcoin

Corinthians have signed a new deal with Mercado Bitcoin, the largest bitcoin exchange in Latin America to become the club’s new sponsor for the next 16 months, it’s logo adorning the Corinthians shirt.

“Each step we take to transform Corinthians is facilitated by partners that understand the current digital platforms scenario and our supporters’ habits,” said Duilio Monteiro Alves, Corinthians president. “To partner with Mercado Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency platform in Latin America, assures us that we’re innovating and discovering new marketing and engagement possibilities. The club’s future lies in this innovation.”

“It makes total sense for Mercado Bitcoin to partner with Corinthians, because we share the same vision about democratization, pioneering, and innovation,” said Reinaldo Rabelo, Mercado Bitcoin CEO. “Moreover, we believe that the crypto and football worlds enable, together, new engagement models and the inception of profitable business avenues.”