Few things drone on more than a man with a chip on his shoulder and that’s exactly what Emi Martinez seems to be despite how well it’s been going for him.

Emi Martinez after signing for Aston Villa (Photo via AVFC.co.uk)
Emi Martinez after signing for Aston Villa (Photo via AVFC.co.uk)

Since leaving Arsenal last summer, Emi Martinez has spoke more about Arsenal than Jamie Vardy when he meets the media. He turned down Arsenal, don’t you know?

Every time Emi Martinez speaks to the press, he seems to use it as an opportunity to get his point across that he doesn’t think he was given a fair shake at Arsenal, even when those media duties are supposed to be in aid of furthering awareness of mental health issues, the end result being a large chunk of the audience don’t listen to that message because they are fed up listening to Martinez go on about Arsenal.

When he left, Martinez said it was because he was told he was only 90% likely to start the first Premier League game of the season. In subsequent re-tellings of this story, it has shrunk to 70%. Either way, Martinez had the option of staying to fight for his place or leaving to walk into the number one role at Aston Villa.

There is, of course, no denying that Martinez has shone since leaving Arsenal. Without pressure, a lot of players do what they are unable to do at bigger clubs. Even during his short spell starring for Arsenal, there was no pressure on Martinez. Neal Maupay had seen to that when he shoved Bernd Leno, injuring the Germans’ knee. Martinez knew there was no-one at the club who would take the spot from him at that time, and he excelled.

But the fact still remains that Emi Martinez had 10 years at Arsenal to show what he could do and only managed to do that when all pressure was removed from him. I said at the time he left that his decision to head for the door rather than stay and fight was perhaps indicative of why he didn’t make it at Arsenal in the first place, and I see no reason to change my mind on that now.

I got a lot of abuse for that opinion, many angry that Arsenal had allowed Martinez to leave the club, but there were no guarantees that Arsenal would have got the Aston Villa Martinez had he stayed at the club.

In fact, history tells us we wouldn’t have.

It is time he shut up, now, though. We heard you the first five times.