Teenage winger George Lewis and his agent both claim he’s joining Arsenal, after a trial with the club earlier this year.

George Lewis (Photo via rbnett.no)
George Lewis (Photo via rbnett.no)

Both George Lewis and his agent are claiming he’ll sign for Arsenal this summer. Lewis stated in his Instagram Live earlier this month that he’ll join the club. Now, Jeorge Bird reports that Lewis’ agent says he’ll sign for the Gunners ahead of next season.

Though Bird admits he has reservations, given the way agents can exaggerate, he claims Lewis’ agent is ‘adamant’ that it’s a done deal.

This comes after reports earlier this year that Lewis was in contract negotiations following a trial period. Initially, he spent one week on trial, but he made enough of an impression to earn a second. After that, Norwegian reports suggested Arsenal made him a contract offer.

Lewis is a free agent, having previously spent time with Tromsdalen UIL and Fram Larvik after leaving Tromso.

It’s certainly a bit strange for Arsenal to sign up a 19-year-old from the Norwegian third tier. Then again, we know the reports of a trial are accurate, from photo and video evidence of him in North London and at the Emirates Stadium.

So there’s no reason why Lewis couldn’t have done well enough on that trial to earn a deal. If it wasn’t a possibility, why give him the opportunity in the first place?

For now, I’m remaining a little sceptical. But it’s looking more and more likely this move will happen this summer. Particularly as it’s a free transfer in the middle of the current financial mess.