Arsenal are offering 19-year-old ex-Tromso winger George Lewis a contract, taking him on trial over the last month, according to reports.

George Lewis (Photo via
George Lewis (Photo via

AftenPosten report that George Lewis is in contract negotiations with Arsenal, following a trial at the club. The winger impressed in his first week on trial, earning an additional week. Now, the Gunners have even reportedly offered him a contract.

Lewis is currently out of contract. He spent time with Tromsdalen UIL and Fram Larvik after leaving Tromso, but doesn’t have a deal with either. Obviously, that means no transfer fee and no need to wait for the summer window.

Additionally, Lewis’ agent was at the Emirates Stadium yesterday, further fueling the rumours.

Now, there’s still a strong suspicion the agent is trying to drum up interest in his client. Whilst the photo evidence suggests the player did indeed have some kind of trial with Arsenal, and the agent did visit the Emirates, that’s all we know for sure.

Talk of a ‘verbal contract’ is exactly the sort of thing you expect to hear about a player an agent is trying to offer around. Get him in quick, Arsenal might sign him soon! We’ll see if the trial really leads to anything in the coming weeks.