With the UK Government still refusing to shut down all public gatherings and issuing false information, Alexandre Lacazette has retweeted a message that makes his stance clear on what he thinks we should do.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

St Patrick’s Day in the south of Ireland off and all pubs closed. This is not something to mess around with. Still, in the north of Ireland, like the rest of the UK, schools remain open and life is carrying on as normal.

Lacazette took to Twitter to retweet the following:

Translated, it reads, “I don’t even have the words. Your behaviour is truly the greatest sign of disrespect to the medical profession that is fighting this epidemic every day. You are nothing but arrogance, contempt, selfishness and your individualism disgusts. It is beautiful this impunity chosen.”

That tweet was in response to another celebrating large crowds gathering at pubs in Rennes to ‘drink the last beer before the apocalypse.’

The UK government are relying on heard immunity throughout the population to develop to slow down and stop coronavirus.

This tweet thread explains very clearly why that is the wrong approach and the UK are working from an erroneous assumption that is going to cost lives:

Follow Lacazette’s advice.

If you can, stay home.

This is absolutely, positively, not a drill.