The first details of the Arsenal 2020/21 away kit leaked on Wednesday, with the Gunners set to wear ‘Cloud White’ in the new season.

Photo via Footy Headlines
Photo via Footy Headlines. Picture for illustrative purposes only, using one of Adidas’ current Cloud White products in the background for reference.

Footy Headlines report the first information about the Arsenal away kit for next season. The Gunners will reportedly wear Cloud White, a very, very light ‘light grey’ colour. We don’t know the accent colours at this stage, though we assume it will feature red.

This isn’t the first time Arsenal have used a white (or near-white) shirt. The Gunners wore a white and maroon away shirt in 2007/08, as well as a white third shirt in 2009/10.

Arsenal 07/08 away kit (Photo via
Arsenal 07/08 away kit (Photo via

The squad also wear a white and red training shirt currently, as you can see in the early training sessions under new head coach Mikel Arteta:

Mikel Arteta speaking to the players in training (Photo via Twitter / Arsenal)
Mikel Arteta speaking to the players in training (Photo via Twitter / Arsenal)

Nonetheless, there are always going to be those that complain about the colour. Traditionally, Tottenham Hotspur wear white, so some fans want Arsenal to avoid the colour at all costs.

Personally, I don’t see why we should give it up. Arsenal is a red and white club, both colours are a long-standing part of our history. Why should Spurs get a patent on one of our colours just for being a far less successful club that happens to wear it?

Everyone can have their opinions. For me, as long as the white is combined with red, I’m happy.

We also have leaked details of the Home Kit design for next season, if you want to check them out.

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