If you want an idea of the level of detail Mikel Arteta goes into when analysing and preparing for matches, then what follows will give you exactly that.

(Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
(Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Arsenal tweeted a brief video of Arteta meeting a few staff behind the scenes. There’s not much there, just him being delighted at being back and happy to see everybody.

Then he comes to Per Mertesacker, who is analysing something from a training session along with another staff member.

Arteta stops and flings an arm around the BFG before immediately asking about where the cameras on the training pitches are located and if the club have drones.

Do we have drones?


Genius or serial killer?

I’m not sure which publication this extract is from (I’ve dropped the tweet in below), but as Yankee Gunner highlights, this is either exactly what you want to read about your new manager or the stuff you find out after bodies have been found in his basement.

“Arteta joined Guardiola’s staff at a time when his wife, Lorena Bernal, an Argentinian TV presenter and actress, was working in Los Angeles. The family has been reunited since but, for a long time, she and their young sons lived via an eight-hour time difference. Friends would visit Arteta’s apartment in Manchester and be taken aback, alarmed even, by the way he was living, with notes and tactical diagrams stuck on the walls.

“The TV would inevitably be showing a football match from somewhere around the world and, if there was no live game on, he would, Wenger-esque, put on an old recording.”

Have you ever seen anyone this happy to get a job?

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