One of the main reasons Arsene Wenger found it so hard to let go at Arsenal is because the manager has little else in his life to distract him, but there is plenty out there for him to do.


1. Nothing to live for?

Arsene Wenger has denied that he will be taking up the manager’s job at AC Milan but months after leaving Arsenal we still have no clue what his next move will be.

Unlike Sir Alex Ferguson, with his love of horses and devotion to his wife, Wenger has neither of those things and has spoken about his fear of the ‘unknown’ that would come with retirement.

“Yes [It’s frightening to consider retirement],” Wenger told Sky Sports in October 2017 just before he turned 68. “Because every end is to be in front of the unknown and of course it can be a bit frightening.

“I started this job at the age of 33 so I’ve done 35 years without having a stop at all.

“There’s no break; it’s 35 years of total focus and dedication to football life.

“Why keep doing it? Because I love it. Because it’s a job where I think you can have a very positive influence: on people’s lives, on results, on the dimensions of a football club, on values – because I think first of all a club is about values, which we forget a lot today.

“I feel on a mission to carry these values through for this club because I think this club is usually respected all over the world for its values and it carries through the generations.”

wenger and wife
Wenger and Annie Brosterhous separated in 2015

We knew that it would be highly unlikely that Wenger would retire when he left Arsenal in summer and even though Arsenal are reportedly planning to bring him back eventually, here are some options for him in the meantime so he isn’t quite as lonely and scared…

Arsene Wenger