Real Madrid are weighing up a move for Aaron Ramsey to replace Luka Modric, however, their first choice would be Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen according to a report from Spain.

The Welshman, who just became the father to twin boys this week, will be leaving Arsenal in January or the summer unless something remarkable happens and Arsenal change their mind about his new deal.

It is very much a case of ‘where’ will he go rather than ‘if’ at this point, and while Liverpool have reportedly already contacted Arsenal to tell them they aren’t interested in Ramsey, Real Madrid still are, apparently.

Any move would not be straightforward for Ramsey, who is on a shortlist with Eriksen and Eden Hazard, as the Spaniards try to find a goal-scoring option.


That would certainly seem to place Ramsey further down the list than his competitors. While we all know he loves an important goal, Eriksen and Hazard score much more regularly.

Last season, Eriksen scored 14 and created 13, Hazard 17 and 13 while Ramsey was slightly behind with 11 and 12.

Over the course of their careers, however, they have the following totals:

eden hazard
Eden Hazard
  • Eriksen (26) (Tottenham only) 233 games, 57 goals, 71 assists. Direct goal involvement rate: 1.82
  • Hazard (27) (Chelsea only) 310 games, 97 goals, 78 assists, DGIR: 1.77
  • Ramsey (27) (Arsenal only) 340 games, 60 goals, 60 assists, DGIR: 2.83

The report from Spain claims that Gareth Bale has recommended his compatriot to Real Madrid who could lose Modric to Inter Milan.