There were a couple of cupsets on Sunday on Conti Cup matchday three with Everton beating Champions League contenders Reading and Championship side, Spurs, beating a WSL side Yeovil away.

1. Group one North

Birmingham came out 2-0 winners from a tricky tie at Sheffield United thanks to a long-range effort by Lucy Staniforth.

Aston Villa recovered well from their 12-0 defeat from last week with a big away win at Leicester.

Man City won 3-0 away to Bristol and now top the group with eight points ahead of Birmingham on seven. With two games left to play, those two teams are favourites to go through to the quarter-finals.

It will take a giant effort for Bristol (four points), Villa and Sheffield (three points) to overtake one of the top two teams when the competition resumes in December.

2. Group two North

Everton upset Reading, who were unbeaten so far and higher up the FA WSL table, with a 3-2 scoreline.

Durham were also very close to an upset, at one point 3-1 up against Liverpool, but the Reds fought back and the game finished with a 3-3 draw. Liverpool won on penalties.

Note, the referee and his assistant refused a valid penalty in the shootout, and there should be an allowance for teams to put a technical reserve for errors like those.

The Everton win has blown this group wide open, with Reading still on top with six points but slightly in trouble. Durham trail them by two points with only one game remaining.

Everton (three points), Manchester United (three points) and Liverpool (two points) all have two games to play and therefore could top the group or finish as runners-up.

3. Group one South

Spurs recorded the big upset of the weekend when the Championship side won 4-0 at WSL side Yeovil.

Chelsea rotated their squad and won 4-0 at Palace, while Brighton dominated London Bees 3-1.

That group is as wide open as the previous one. All teams have now played three games out of five and only the Bees, with two points and Yeovil with one point, are most likely out the qualification race.

Chelsea are the big favorites to win the group with nine points, Spurs have six, Palace five and Brighton four points and they will compete for the runners-up place unless Chelsea slip-up in a big way.

4. Group two South

Arsenal defeated Lewes 9-0 while West Ham defeated Millwall 4-0.

Arsenal and West Ham are level on points with six, but the Hammers have only one game remaining to play while the Gunners still have two.

Millwall and Lewes are unlikely to finish in the top two. Charlton are still in it as they have three points and two games to play.

The final two rounds of games will be played in December between 5th and 13th with Arsenal at home to Charlton and away to Millwall and, therefore, looking to get six points against the Championship sides.