Arsenal’s new training top has already been named as one of the ugliest jerseys in the world of sport, before the club have even released it.

Earlier this week, leaked the Gunners’ third kit colours, with pictures of some training gear.

The club haven’t officially unveiled the kit, so we don’t even know what the actual match shirt will look like.

Nonetheless, German publication Sport1 have already named the training top in their list of the ugliest jerseys. Considering how well the public took to the black third kit this season, Puma have really taken a big backwards step if the leak is accurate.

Here is the Arsenal kit, along with some of the others in Sport1’s list:

arsenal 18 19 third kit 3
Footy Headlines, 8/02/2018


It’s fair to say the ‘biscay green’ kit hasn’t gone down very well with Arsenal fans.

Many supporters on social media still seem to be in denial that it’s even real, from what I’ve seen. Green isn’t exactly the first colour you associate with the club, home or away.

green kit

At a time when many supporters want the club to switch to Adidas anyway, Puma aren’t doing themselves any favours.

Hopefully the training gear doesn’t have any connection to the actual kit, but that’s a long shot.

On the other hand, anything’s better than the current cursed blue away kit, so maybe we shouldn’t complain.