Theo Walcott’s father, Donald, has reportedly been told that he can’t take four pictures of his son from his private box at the Emirates unless they’re removed from the frame.

Another day, another bizarre story that the S*n appear to have stirred up out of thin air. This time, Theo’s family have allegedly been told they’re only allowed to take down pictures of the forward from his private box at the Emirates if they leave the frames.

I know what you’re thinking: scandal of the century.

sun theo walcott
By Charlie Wyett, 5 February 2018

Obviously, Theo’s box at the Emirates won’t be getting much use now that he’s joined Everton, so it’s understandable that his family would want the images for themselves as a memento.

The Emirates wanting to keep the frames also makes perfect sense considering in a stadium, you would assume that the frames are secured onto the walls.

The story itself seems so small that you have to wonder why the S*n would make it up in the first place. Not only it is small, it’s insignificant. Why do fans care that Theo’s dad wasn’t allowed to take down picture frames in his son’s box?

It seems like a pretty lazy attempt at making Arsenal seem cheap and petty. And, these days, we’re only one of those things.

After their hatch story on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang days prior, we decided to do some digging.

This is what we found out:

  • It’s very hard to find any pictures inside private boxes at the Emirates – presumably they like to keep them… well… private.
  • Images inside private meeting boxes at the Emirates show there are pictures in frames on the walls but not many. The space on the walls mainly seem to be taken up by TV screens. Would four frames even fit in Theo’s box? (There’s a question I never thought I would ask)
  • In the picture of Alexis Sanchez and his girlfriend Mayte Rodriguez from August (Arsenal v Leicester), you can see the door to his (or someone else’s) private suite is open – behind him you can clearly see pictures in frames on the wall.

picture frames 1

  • One frame looks pretty big and therefore heavy, which suggests it would need to be secured to the wall rather than just hung up as a matter of health and safety.
  • If these frames are screwed into the wall then taking them down could mean having to fill in the holes left behind.
  • Rather than have to do this, it’s possible that Arsenal just asked Theo’s dad if he could remove the pictures from the frames instead, which is hardly the crime of the century.