Arsenal’s Lisa Evans is starting a social media campaign to try and get more young women involved in playing football, starting with a YouTube vlogging series.

Evans has started vlogging for UEFA’s YouTube channel Together #WePlayStrong.

She joins Basel’s Eunice Beckmann, and Turbine Potsdam’s Sarah Zadrazil and Sand’s Laura Feiersinger in doing so.

They film their everyday routines on and off the pitch, and explain their lives as female professionals.

“Social media is taking over and is the biggest thing out there for attracting people to anything,” Evans explained. “Be it news, sport or entertainment. Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, they’re the growth markets for teenagers. So using them is one way we get to the age group we are targeting and hopefully can encourage them to play football.

“I think any sport in general, whether it’s professional or amateur, gives you opportunities to be around people, be in a team environment. That’s what’s so great about the vlog. It’s about four friends from different countries and different backgrounds who have all played together and now gone their separate ways.”

Social media is definitely a great way to connect with other people, particularly when it comes to sport. Clubs like Arsenal have fans all over the world. Many of those fans probably can’t travel across the globe to games very often. Nonetheless, they can still connect with other supporters and players from their own homes.

The women’s game can benefit from this in the same way the men’s already is. It’s good to see Arsenal players like Evans taking steps to achieve that. Whether it gets young women out of the house and playing football themselves is another matter.

Hopefully seeing a more in-depth view of the lives of current professionals can encourage them to do so. It’s a lot easier to chase that dream if you can see someone else who has achieved it.

You can check the series out below: