Despite being a fan favourite, Mohamed Elneny’s response to Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat against Manchester City has gone down like a lead balloon on Twitter.

Even though Elneny was on the bench for Arsenal’s entire match against City, the 25-year-old took to Twitter the day after the defeat to try and explain his teammates’ performance. He shared the image of the crying Arsenal fan, which went viral during the match, and added that he wants to make the young Gooner smile again.

It was a sweet message and more than his teammates could muster, which most fans appreciated, but that didn’t stop others unloading their frustration on his tweet.

While I would never condone abuse, especially against a player who wasn’t even involved and usually gives everything he can when he’s on the pitch, it’s understandable that Gooners are using Elneny’s post to vent.

All the other players have kept pretty tight-lipped since the Carabao Cup defeat and, although you’d like to think it’s because they’re ashamed, I doubt it’s that deep.

So far, Elneny’s been their only outlet.

Not that the players taking to social media to apologise would do much. Objectively, it would be nice, but what could they possible say that Arsenal fans haven’t already heard before?