When the list of managers that Arsenal are reportedly considering to replace Arsene Wenger hit the press there was one standout name on it – Brendan Rodgers.

This was not, of course, ‘standout’ in the good sense. This is Brendan Rodgers we’re talking about, a man sacked by Liverpool for being so far up his own arse he couldn’t see past his own lungs to manage the club.

Since moving to Scotland in 2016, Rodgers has managed to win the league (unbeaten), the cup and the league cup, quite an achievement given the level of competition he didn’t have to face from other clubs in the country.

They are nine points clear at the top of the SPL this season, but with Rangers now in second place perhaps Brendan has realised things might not be so straightforward next season with some actual competition.

A Northern Ireland native, this country is so small I actually know one of his close relatives. I won’t name them, but needless to say what they have told me about him on a personal level is pretty much what you’d expect a family member to say about Brendan Rodgers if you were disturbed enough to imagine that sort of thing.

But what of Arsenal fans? What do they have to say about it all?

We decided to ask a few: