Östersunds FK trolled Arsenal on Twitter about the freezing conditions ahead of the two sides’ Europa League clash on Thursday.

One of the main talking points ahead of the away match in Sweden is the weather.

It’s so cold in the country at this time of year that they don’t even play any league matches.

The season generally starts in late March or early April, but they did play one match against Trelleborg in the cup last Friday.

Hinting at the icy conditions, Östersunds FK jokingly tweeted pictures of their ‘locker rooms’:

Fortunately it’s just a joke, and they aren’t quite using igloos for dressing rooms.

It’s cold enough that they could if they wanted to though.

The current forecast for Thursday is for a temperature somewhere between minus-two and minus-five degrees Celsius, according to weather.com but with a real-feel closer to minus 10c

On the upside, they only predict a 10% chance of precipitation. At least it will be fairly dry while the players freeze on the pitch and supporters do the same in the stands.

It also means the game should definitely go ahead.

UEFA regulations state that matches can’t be played if temperatures fall below minus 15 degrees Celsius.

Thankfully, Arsenal will instead experience the balmy conditions of just a few degrees below freezing.