Arsenal’s Europa League match against Östersunds FK could be postponed if weather conditions do not improve.

Arsenal travel to Sweden next Thursday for the first leg of their Europa League round of 32 tie with Östersunds FK.

Swedish football is currently in its winter break, with temperatures well into the minuses and plenty of snow around.

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Östersunds FK’s stadium via Twitter

They’re due to resume playing again this weekend in the Swedish Cup, but Östersund’s stadium, the Jamtkraft Arena, is still covered in snow.

The club have even asked fans to help clear it away, according to Fotbollskanalen.

They report states that Sunday’s game against Trelleborg will go ahead no matter what.

There could, though, be issues ahead of Arsenal’s visit.

UEFA regulations state that matches cannot be played in temperatures below minus 15 degrees Celsius.

Fotbollskanalen believe that there shouldn’t be an issue, as temperatures are forecast to be around minus 9 degrees that evening.

However, the final decision will be left to the referee, who can ask Arsenal if they want to postpone the game an extra day.

As Arsenal don’t have a game on the following weekend, it could be an option for them if the weather is too extreme.