Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang continues to be a target in the German press after his messy split from Borussia Dortmund.

It’s fair to say that Aubameyang’s departure from Dortmund wasn’t completed on the best of terms.

The striker faced disciplinary action for failing to turn up to team meetings and was left out of two match day squads before his move to Arsenal.

Seemingly never far from controversy, Aubameyang finds himself the centre of many stories in the press.

The German press, especially, haven’t been too kind to him.

Sport Bild have run an interview with Aubameyang’s former Dortmund teammate Ilkay Gundogan, in which they asked the City midfielder his thoughts on the move.

“I don’t know if I could’ve done that,” Gundogan said.

“I hope that peace is restored now. You need it to be successful in the Bundesliga. The whole thing was certainly not conducive to the performance of the team.

“As a player you get on with it, and if you read any negative things in the paper every day, then it’s a burden.”

There’s a touch of irony here as Gundogan’s own transfer away from Dortmund was hardly squeaky clean.

Aubameyang’s reputation is coming back to haunt him, as of all of Dortmund’s sales in recent years, he appears to be getting the worst treatment.

I’d love to say it’d be better in England, but as we’ve already seen with this report in the S*n, it’s not going to take much for him to be in the headlines.