If there was an award for classiest person in football, I’m pretty sure Petr Cech would win it.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Ryan Mason would be retiring from football at the age of just 26 after fracturing his skull against Chelsea.

According to a statement released by Hull, the damage caused by the midfielder’s collision with Gary Cahill on 22 January, 2017, means numerous world renowned neurologists and neuro surgeons have all advised that he retire.

In October, Mason revealed that Cech, who battled his way back from a similar injury in 2006, had been a massive help to him during a difficult year.

And now the 35-year-old has offered some genuinely wonderful words of support to the young Hull midfielder.

There’s no a doubt in my mind that Cech sat down and personally tweeted those words to a man he obviously deeply admires.

The goalkeeper is without a doubt one of the classiest people in football and his message to Mason wouldn’t have had anything to do with PR. It would have been from the heart.

Cech got to play football again, albeit with headgear. Mason doesn’t. And I can’t imagine what the 26-year-old must be going through.

Daily Cannon wish him all the best.