Arsenal are worried that Aaron Ramsey might ask for a significant pay rise after Mesut Ozil’s new contract, according to reports.

There is no respite from the contract drama at Arsenal.

Mesut Ozil’s new deal was great news, but problems still exist beyond him.

Aaron Ramsey has just 18 months left on his current contract, and could be the latest key player to have a saga develop around him.

According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal are concerned that the £350,000-per-week they’re now paying Ozil will result in Ramsey demanding a steep pay rise.

The report states that the Welshman is currently earning £110,000 per week.

They also state that talks about a new deal have opened, but are beginning to drag.

It’s important to note that the Daily Mail’s report is very speculative based on recent goings-on at the club.

They’re assuming that Ramsey will ask for a big pay rise due to Ozil’s extension and the big contracts given to Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

He very well might do so. Most new contracts result in increased wages anyway.

The club would have known this could happen the moment they decided to give Ozil £350,000-per-week as well.

Ramsey is an important player for Arsenal and should be one of the best paid players at the club.

He’s not on Ozil’s level, and injuries tend to hold him back, but all-round midfield players like him are not easy to find.

Unless he’s asking for stupid money, there really should be no reason not to extend his contract.