Francis Coquelin has said that the Arsenal squad didn’t have any problems with Alexis Sanchez.

Coquelin, now a Valencia player after leaving the club earlier this month, has denied that the Arsenal squad had any problem with Alexis.

The Chilean is often accused of being difficult to work with and disliked by his Arsenal teammates.

Coquelin, though, doesn’t know where those rumours came from.

“He’s quality on the pitch. He’s someone who can produce something magical. He’s a top player,” Coquelin told the BBC.

“I hear a lot of things about how the dressing room weren’t getting along with thing. I don’t really know where that’s come from.

“That’s what people say when you have a top player, they talk about ego. He’s someone who’s always keen to work. I didn’t have a problem with him.

“I don’t think the squad has a problem. The only problem is the uncertainty around him, because they don’t know what next week is going to be, if he’s going to be [here] or not.”

There were reports that Alexis was annoying his teammates with his attitude on and off the pitch.

A huge deal was made out of the fact that half the team didn’t celebrate with him after his first goal against Crystal Palace.

Whatever the case, the saga should soon be coming to an end.

Alexis could be leaving the club this month week his proposed move to Manchester United finally complete.

If nothing else, the move will end the uncertainty around his future.

His contract situation has been a sideshow all season, and the speculation has grown tiresome.

It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a positive reaction from the players after his sale.

Alexis could be the third player to leave the squad this month after the sales of Coquelin and Theo Walcott.