RMC Sport report that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has agreed to join Arsenal, and sources close to the player think the Gunners will agree a deal with Dortmund within ‘days’.

The first bit of information is nothing particularly new.

Various sources reported an agreement between Arsenal and Aubameyang over the weekend. RMC are just the latest source to confirm the information.

They write that the striker’s father was in London for the last few days negotiating a deal.

That deal is now done.

The only real update this report gives is that RMC sources expect “total agreement” between Dortmund and Arsenal “within two to three days”.

Over the weekend, David Ornstein said Arsenal were confident of a deal, but expected negotiations to drag.

Hopefully this new timeline from RMC means things are progressing well.

At this stage, it’s almost certainly too late for Aubameyang to join before the League Cup semi-final on Wednesday.

Ornstein announced Mkhitaryan’s transfer on Saturday and we’re still waiting on official confirmation from Arsenal on Monday.

With any luck the team will finalise negotiations before the Swansea match on January 30th though.

The Gabon international scored three goals and assisted two in his final four league games before Dortmund’s winter break.

The sooner he can bring that kind of form to the Emirates, the better.