Arsenal are the only top seven side to give away more penalties than they’re awarded since 2008/09, according to one Gunners supporter.

The Reddit user put together the penalty statistics for each of the clubs finishing in the top seven last season.

We’ve compiled the results for you below. You’ll need to flick through to see awarded, conceded and points difference.

1. Number of penalties awarded:

  1. Manchester City (72)
  2. Chelsea (62)
  3. Liverpool (57)
  4. Manchester United (53)
  5. Everton (48)
  6. Tottenham (44)
  7. Arsenal (44)

2. Number of penalties conceded:

  1. Arsenal (54)
  2. Liverpool (40)
  3. Tottenham (40)
  4. Everton (38)
  5. Manchester City (31)
  6. Manchester United (30)
  7. Chelsea (27)

3. Difference between penalties awarded and conceded:

  1. Manchester City (+41)
  2. Chelsea (+35)
  3. Manchester United (+23)
  4. Liverpool (+17)
  5. Everton (+10)
  6. Tottenham (+4)
  7. Arsenal (-10)

Now, before we all start writing angry letters to the FA, it’s worth considering there are multiple explanations for this result.

Firstly, perhaps the Gunners aren’t playing a style that leads to many one-on-ones in the area. If they never take players on in the box, it’s harder to win penalties. We all know this isn’t the case, so this isn’t the reason Arsenal don’t get penalties.

Secondly, maybe the team take more risks in their own penalty area than other big sides. Arsenal are more prone to conceding counter-attacks than some of the others, so chasing back and challenging from behind probably doesn’t help. We know this is definitely true so is a big part of the reason Arsenal concede so many penalties.

Thirdly, Arsenal aren’t notorious for crowding the referee and forcing decisions like some teams. Naming no names, of course. But it’s harder to win penalties if the referee doesn’t think you really feel you deserve one, in my opinion.

However, it’s worth at least considering the possibility that the referees have a part to play as well.

Especially when they’ve awarded two of the softest (or plainly incorrect) penalties or the season against Arsenal this week.

I’ll leave it to you to decide what to make of the statistics…