Arsène Wenger thinks Jose Mourinho needs to stop complaining about needing to spend more money, as the Arsenal boss has 21 years of being financially inferior to their title rivals.

After Manchester United drew with Burnley at Old Trafford, Mourinho made a bizarre claim in his post-match press conference. He told reporters spending £300m is “not enough” for him to compete with Manchester City.

Wenger, who famously had to deal with the financial restrictions of a stadium move, smiled at the comments and said: “I have been in that position for 21 years so I can’t start to complain now. There have always been three or four teams richer than I am. I’ve learned to cope with that.

Arsene Wenger Jose Mourinho
Manchester United’s Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho (L) and Arsenal’s French manager Arsene Wenger react as they watch their players from the touchline during the English Premier League football match between Manchester United and Arsenal at Old Trafford in Manchester on November 19, 2016. Picture: PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images

“We deal with our own situation as well as we can. Manchester City, Chelsea and Man United are all richer than us. We have to find ways to be successful.”

Manchester United have spent £286m since Mourinho’s arrival, according to the BBC. Arsenal haven’t spent that much in the last eight windows. So if United can’t compete with their world record fees most years, the Gunners have no chance.

The Portuguese manager’s comments seem like his usual distraction technique, to me. Manchester United weren’t good enough to beat Burnley at home, so Mourinho talks about anything other than the actual match.

The stranger the comments, the better the distraction. So in a way, it makes perfect sense that the manager of the richest club in the world would complain about not spending enough money.

But until Arsenal spend £75m on a striker, or £89m on a midfielder they let go on a free transfer, I don’t think anyone has grounds to disagree with Wenger here.