Arsenal fans booed off the second string team after their drew 0-0 against Red Star Belgrade on Thursday night despite qualifying for the Europa League’s next round.

When boos rang out around the Emirates after the final whistle against Red Star, the 10 Arsenal fans that had actually turned up couldn’t believe their ears.

Granted, the game was as dull as dishwater and a few of our players may or may not have forgotten to play football but we drew, kept a clean sheet and progressed to the final 32. All while fielding a young, second string team with most of our players in the wrong positions.

I can understand not liking the way we played but booing off Arsenal’s kids? Really?

And it seems that’s exactly why some fans took it upon themselves to be so ‘vocal’ after the final whistle on Thursday. Because the team played a bit crap. Okay, a lot crap, but again: this was our second string team and we didn’t actually lose.

We had Mathieu Debuchy, Rob Holding and Mohamed Elneny as a back three for God’s sake!

When did Arsenal fans become so entitled? Do we really have to see spectacular Wenger-ball every single match or we’ll boo like a pantomime audience?

Francis Coquelin even went over to confront a couple of boo-boys himself.

“We’re a bit frustrated because we couldn’t score, but overall we made the essential [result],” Wenger told BT Sport.

“People supported the team [even though] in the end they didn’t see goals.

“They’re not used to not seeing goals at the Emirates [it was the first goalless draw since October 2016].

“For us, it’s frustrating as well that we don’t score. But we understand as well that there are many young players in the team and playing these types of games is part of the learning experience for them.”

I fully support people voicing opinions but, come on, let’s get some perspective here. Booing is a bit much.