Martin Keown has heaped praise on Jack Wilshere’s vision just weeks after laying into Mesut Ozil.

Keown believes that Wilshere is the type of player than can completely change a game with his quality.

“What I like about Jack is he is able to thrust from midfield like no other player can in that central position,” Keown said on BT Sport.

“He’s finishing games, he’s coming on stronger in the matches. Look at the ball he played in there, weight of pass, vision.

“There’s players all around him and within a second, a moment of brilliance, he’s away and out of trouble.

“I don’t see anybody else, there aren’t too many players that can do this in the Premier League.

“That’s why the debate will rage as to whether or not he should be going into the England squad even at this early stage of his recovery.

“You’ve got to remember that this is the B string Arsenal team, he needs to get into that A team.

“It’s almost as if he’s on trial every week. It’s great to see him back in an Arsenal shirt and he’s not far away now.”

wilshere red star

While the Arsenal legend is right, his praise of Wilshere completely contrasts with his recent comments about Ozil, who can also flip a game on its head with his vision. In fact, the ex-Real Madrid man is renowned for having practically unrivaled, 20/20 footballing vision.

Speaking recently, Keown claimed the 29-year-old has ‘downed tools’ and said, “I think [Wenger] doesn’t want that sort of player around the youngsters in the group.

“They played exceptionally well at Chelsea, where [Alex] Iwobi did a really manful job – I know he hasn’t got the talent of Ozil, of course, but suddenly Arsenal could compete in both departments defensively and attacking-wise. It was probably the best performance I’ve seen in a couple of years.”

Not only did he criticise Ozil, he really went in on him, and while the German’s struggled to find his feet so far this season, it wasn’t really deserved.

Wilshere, on the other hand, has been good during his first seven appearances for Arsenal since he was laid off for four months with a hairline fracture to his fibula. The 25-year-old has looked sharp and positively influenced games. However, two weeks ago Keown said that the midfielder sees “what mere mortals can only dream of.”

We all love Wilshere, right, but this is taking it a bit far.

Meanwhile, if you listen to the same pundit, you’d think that Ozil was laying down in the middle of the pitch and having a snooze for the majority of the game. Joking aside: he isn’t.